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Hello, and welcome. I am happy that you want to know more about the Be-Invited Project. 

My name is 
Thomas Riedelsheimer and I am a documentary filmmaker, cameraman and photographer. 

Because of my work, I have been able to travel, to see amazing landscapes and to meet loveable people. Over the years I've realized that one of the persistent subjects of my films is our connection to nature, which, I believe, plays an essential part in defining our human values and needs. 

I've become more and more aware of the great little things around us, the patterns of light, the movement of wind, the formations of birds--all manifestations of beauty and life. 

I've begun to record and collect little visual poems, one or two-minute films that concentrate on something I was fascinated by, and I'd like to invite people to look at them, if only to enable them to experience stillness for a minute, to open their minds, to raise a smile, or to evoke an "Ah, how amazing, look at that!" 

One new film will be posted on the web every Monday for one year, and will stay there until making way for the next film, which will then join the previous films in the archive. 

This is the Be-Invited Project.

If you like the idea, I'd be happy if you would allow me to list you as a
Friend. There is no obligation at all; it is just a great feeling for me to share something and receive feedback. Please contact me with your name, job and country of residence.

This is a non-profit project and I am prepared to run the website for one year. This means I will produce more than 50 little films. If you like this site, and would like to contribute to it through manpower or even by means of financial support, please see
Supporter for details.

Thank you for your interest.


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